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Sparta Youth Football & Cheer Families,

We hope this note finds everyone well.

To date there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the SYF & Cheer program.

Please continue to overcommunicate to our program and continue to be diligent in looking at potential signs of COVID-19 either through contact with others or within your homes.  Any information shared to our program is confidential and is only used for purposes of potential contact tracing and confirming the safety of our program and community.  Being ahead of the curve is critical to our children staying safe, being able to stay active and play sports.

As mentioned yesterday, we are confident in having a football season and are expecting to resume practices Monday.  With that said, if you are suspected of being in contact with someone who is suspected to have COVID-19, please quarantine until you and your family are tested and inform your Head Coach and/or Josh Hertzberg (  Results of any COVID-19 tests will determine the proper return to play.  This return to play will be messaged to individual families based on the outcome of test results.

Please be diligent and continue to overcommunicate to our program if any issues or concerns arise.  Again, if you have not reached out to us yet and you feel your family has been in contact with a person who is suspected of COVID-19 or has been confirmed to have COVID-19, please do so now!

Please remember, over communication with our program is imperative to the season!


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    Sparta Youth Football and Cheer

    The Spartans have been the official, endorsed football program within Sparta Township, NJ since 1957. Though other programs have come and gone, the tradition of the Spartans remains stronger than ever. The Spartans Youth Football / Cheerleading program is firmly rooted within the community. The Spartans host community-wide events (including our annual "Milkbowl"). The events are designed not only to raise funding for local programs; but to raise awareness to important issues impacting our community.

    All members of our football family are invited and encouraged to become involved in every aspect of our program. From coaching, to announcing - - fundraising, to fields; the Spartan program is fueled 100% by volunteer efforts.

    Join our football family today - - and become part of the Spartan legacy, forever.

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