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Late Registration for 2023 FLAG FOOTBALL closed 6/20/23. 

Thank you!

Flag football is a fantastic sport for children ages 5 to 13 in a coed league. It provides an enjoyable and safe introduction to football while focusing on learning the skill positions. In this non-contact version of the game, players wear flags that opponents must pull off to stop a play, instead of engaging in blocking or tackling.

The primary emphasis of flag football for this age range is to foster skill development and teamwork. Young players have the opportunity to learn various positions such as quarterback, wide receiver, and running back, helping them gain a comprehensive understanding of the game. They can develop their throwing, catching, and running abilities, all while learning the importance of strategy, communication, and cooperation with teammates.

Moreover, the emphasis on having fun is central to flag football. Coaches and organizers strive to create an inclusive and positive environment where children can enjoy the sport, make friends, and build self-confidence.

Overall, flag football serves as an excellent platform for children to develop their athletic abilities, learn the fundamentals of football, and create lasting memories on and off the field.


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